A vision and a dream

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Dear Friends,

The morning that salutes me is a little hazy and the birds began their song hours
before I felt ready to get out of bed and greet the day. I look out my window and
can still glimpse the mountains through the curtain the clouds furnish today. We
are really in the rainy season right now so it is wise to get out as early as possible
to partake in a little gentle movement and appreciation of Nature.

I am often asked what my profession is. Although the question should be a simple
one to answer, I find that I struggle and even consult other people before I reply!
There is a difference in my mind between a “career” and a “calling”, although both
these nouns can be synonyms for profession. Most of my “working career” focused
around the duties that came with being an executive assistant in a small, busy office.
My calling however, has always been communication and entertainment, something
I want to devote these ‘golden years’ to.

Last weekend I was invited to be part of a discussion for an ambitious community
project that will involve hard work and determination before the vision will become
reality. I applaud these efforts but I confess I was somewhat confused about the
reasons my participation was necessary. The meeting was in a district that is not
near my home but on the way to my guitar lesson so I agreed to stop by and hear
the proposal. Of the many people invited to attend this first meeting, I was one of
four people who actually showed up.
I was asked to relate my experience in other projects around town and as I was
responding, I became acutely aware that I have participated in many activities in the
last 13 years that reflected the visions and dreams of others and had a bit less to do
with me or my interests. This was an eye-opening discovery which has made me
very reflective this week. In my introspective moments, I have questioned honestly
whether my ladder is leaning against the right wall. The answer is affirmative in
most aspects and I am making a conscious effort to define the personal guidelines
that will allow me to become the person I long ago dreamed I would be. Thank you
for letting me fulfill part of my calling by communicating with you each Sunday!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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