Celebrating Father’s Day

Photo on 4-8-14 at 9.58 AM #3Dear Friends,

Greetings on a somewhat overcast Sunday, and a Happy Father’s Day to all. How
different would it be without the superb and unique spirit Fathers bring to our world!
Get out there early today and enjoy the gifts of being alive and able to move, and if
possible, do something to honor your own Father today.

I was walking around our property one evening last week and noticed the spectacular
manner in which the fireflies make their June appearance. There is something magical
in the display of their delicately flashing lanterns and I was at once reminded of a visit
from a young niece about five years ago. She was delighted when she saw them for the
first time, determined to catch one and see how it worked! She, her Dad, and my
husband set out the next evening with a wide-mouthed jar and patiently waited for
the first flashes to begin.


They gathered about ten specimens and we were all thrilled to watch the biolumine-
scence for a few minutes, then she gently set them free before they perished! I had
previously taken these lightening bugs for granted but each time I see them these
days, I am reminded of how our world is full of wonder and magic, sometimes right in
our own backyard.

Today Costa Rica and many other countries around the world are celebrating Father’s
Day. The marketing frenzy surrounding all holidays is alive and well for this day too
and does serve to bring to the forefront (for me) the changing role of fathers in these
modern times. The fact is that fathers have a vital part in our lives and most go
uncelebrated, unnoticed and unrecognized the rest of the year. Spend a few minutes
today celebrating your father, whether he is living or has transitioned for he is a chief
component to your very existence and has given you an opportunity to share your gifts
with the world.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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