Dormant Musical Talent

Dear Friends,

Nothing is more fulfilling than waking up to a day that is tailor-made for going
out and moving our bodies in gratitude. On this gorgeous Sunday, I wish you a
day of rest and relaxation. Let nothing disturb you today. Get out there early and
enjoy all that Nature offers wherever you are and anticipate a good week.


It is just after 8 a.m. As I begin to draft my message, the sounds of Andrés Segovia’s
guitar playing on the radio reach my ears. I catch a glimpse of my husband working
his magic at the stove and a wave of appreciation washes over me. I admire his visible,
inexhaustible desire to nurture our family with his marvelous cooking because I am
seldom attracted to cooking these days; my interests lie elsewhere and I can pursue
them because he collaborates in so many other areas of our complex life!


This past week has found our home filled with family, friends and lots of activity.
It has seemed shorter than most weeks, even though most weeks have flown quickly
too so far this year. We are enjoying our daughter’s short visit and I continue to
celebrate the fact that despite her two years of living away at college, we are able
to bridge the geographical separation by the use of modern technology. Our frequent
communications help keep us connected during the year and I know we all reap the
emotional rewards of maintaining the solid support system we established when our
children were younger.

Yesterday’s La Nación featured an article about 2010 Nobel Prize recipient (Chemistry)
Ei-Ichi Negishi who will turn 80 later this month. The article mentioned the four things
Dr. Negishi believes are of utmost importance in everybody’s life. The first is health,
followed by family, then work and hobbies. Blending work and hobbies is a goal we
should all strive for, he believes. As I was returning from my guitar lesson yesterday,
I became keenly aware of how exhilarated it makes me feel to successfully play a few
chords on my guitar that translate into a recognizable song! I am not seeking to be an
Andrés Segovia, rather I aspire to engage the dormant musical aptitude that hopefully
resides in me, as it does in us all.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

Picture Andrés Segovia from Wikipedia

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