It feels good to be alive!

Photo on 6-17-14 at 10.29 AM

Dear Friends,

Our youngest dog, Lila, nudged me awake this morning. I opened my eyes and
caught a glimpse of the grey morning outside so I lazily sunk back into my pillow.
The clouds soothed me. I could hear the faint chirps of a flock of parrots. Lila’s
cold nose prodded me again and served to remind me that it is another Sunday of
renewal and rejuvenation which I should make the most of. Get out early today
so you can make new and wonderful memories to cherish in the future.


When my husband brought me my coffee, he also showed me some pictures he took
from our terrace of the very birds I could hear from our room. I love the way they
perch on the bare branches that seem too weak to support them. Nature is invariably
surprising to me and a vast source of inspiration for my daily life. I took in the sights
and sounds and began gathering my thoughts for this morning’s reflection.

The past few weeks have found us busy with visiting family members. Everyday life
has now returned to our current (and bittersweet) normal of having an empty nest.
The last loads of laundry will keep my energy focused and the nostalgia I feel each
time we say goodbye will soon transition into a series of new celebrations. I am
grateful that my essential need to be surrounded by loved ones is met generously
both in and outside my family circle, often made possible by modern technology.

I am glancing out my window. The early morning clouds have begun to lift and the
sun’s heat is undoubtedly drying the puddles our dogs enjoy drinking from! I recall
losing my wallet a few years ago and celebrate that the unfortunate incident forced
me to commit to being more present in my life as it unfolds. I luxuriate in the
possibilities of activity (or inactivity) for the day and week ahead. It feels good to
be alive.

Have a beautiful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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