Awareness is good but action is vital!

Photo on 7-1-13 at 10.54 AM
Dear friends,

It is Sunday, the day in the week that I feel is meant for rest, relaxation and gentle
movement. I am burnt by the heat of the tiles on my terrace as I walk barefoot to
greet the morning. In the near distance I perceive the loud sounds coming from a
neighbor’s lawnmower. I glance at the clock. It is not yet 8 a.m. My negative
reaction is immediate and strong. Then I realize I can step inside my home and
still appreciate the beauty of the day in the silence and comfort that moving
indoors will provide.
I am grateful to be alive another day and to have the opportunity to live it well.
It is therapeutic for me to devote a few minutes of reflection on many loved ones
who have gone to their resting place and on the families and friends whom they’ve
left behind. My association with the Atenas Hogar de Ancianos has made me very
aware of how forgotten and shut away many elderly are. Although the Hogar has
generous visiting hours, many of the residents spend those hours in isolation, the
prospect of which no one really thinks about in their younger years when health,
family and friends abound.

The first half of the year found me overwhelmed with some personal projects that I
undertook before I was ready. It is hard for me to abandon anything once I start but
when chaos and anxiety were replacing the initial excitement and joy, I knew I had to
make a decision. After sleeping on it for many nights and talking things over with
my husband and children, I accepted that taking a break from something is not the
same as failing. The decision has brought a catharsis which has been unexpected
and I have learned many lessons about overcoming mental obstacles and deeply-
rooted habits.

I have a personal vision and purpose which I think about often and evaluate each
night before I fall asleep. Persistence and dedication are two ingredients that are
necessary for any enterprise to be successful, especially endeavors that involve
living and giving one’s best. I felt privately victorious not because I recognized
the negative impact saturation was having on my psyche but because I had the
courage to act on it before it left me resentful and depleted.

Have a wonderful day and an extraordinary week, Marietta

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