A New Stage for the Community

Photo on 3-20-15 at 11.21 AM #2Dear Friends,

I am writing this message on a gorgeous Saturday morning because I will most
likely not return home from San José until later Sunday morning. By this time,
however, I am sure you are all in the good habit of waking up on Sundays and
making the best of the morning by going out and about and moving your body in
gentle and loving gratitude.

The morning (Saturday) presents me with an awe-inspiring landscape, and I feel
very happy to be able to live another good day. I am getting ready to accompany
my father to one of his cousins’ 90th birthday celebration later. I am eager to see
her and all the members of the family who will be present for this incredible treat
and whom I have not seen in decades. If you are receiving this email it is because
everything went according to schedule and we had a great night!

On Friday morning, I visited the local farmers’ market which is now permanently
located in a wide, spacious and roofed spot. Although I stop by the market every
week, this week I happened to be there when a group of recently-arrived college
students were making their first (and probably only) visit. It was early enough so
all the vendors’ stands were piled high with colorful fruits and vegetables. Many
of the visitors were delighted with the free samples of delicious and fresh fruit
which was offered to them.
I am unembarrassed by my love for Costa Rica and I am ever thankful that we were
able to realize my dream of having our children live here during their ‘wonder years’,
although when we bought our property in Atenas more than 20 years ago, that was
far from my mind. There is a pattern of community that is still very evident here
in Atenas and that I experience each time I head out to do errands. On my drive
home from the farmers’ market on Friday, I became aware (probably because it
was so early) of the many new shops, restaurants and homes that have been built
in the last year. Nostalgia for the traditional in me converges with a keen desire
to witness the new arrivals becoming part of the community.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Photos from Bing.com public domain images

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