Community Resilience

Photo on 5-30-15 at 10.02 AM #2
Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first Sunday in August. Today in Costa Rica, we are celebrating the
the Virgin of the Angels (Virgen de Los Angeles), the official patron of our country.
Millions of pilgrims have already made their journey to the Basilica in Cartago as a
demonstration of their devotion to La Negrita with gratitude for favors granted or
requests for healing present sorrows. I admire this devotion to tradition and I urge
you to spend a few minutes in gentle movement while you take in the sights and
sounds of nature with which we are blessed.

The months are flying by quickly. Most weekday mornings find me planning my
day’s activities and most evenings I am amazed at how few items I have been able to
cross off my list! There is often an unexpected situation that must be attended to
immediately and that naturally causes a backlog. My lifelong habit of scheduling
routine tasks serves me well and provides a sense of direction and purpose I require
on the days when chaos threatens to take over.

Yesterday morning we discovered that one of our (4) pets has intestinal worms. A visit
to our local veterinarian early in the morning provided me with a very unexpected,
surprising and uplifting experience in our little town. As I parked my car, I became
aware that the vet’s office (in a well-appointed traditional tico house) was filled to
capacity with earlier arrivals whose pets were being groomed, treated or released. I
was thrilled to be part of this gathering because it gave me an opportunity to witness
how our town’s demographic has become diverse but it still retains the small-town,
family-friendly feel.

I observed how many expats tried to explain their pet’s ailment in Spanish and how the
personnel concentrated patiently to understand and provide possible solutions to
relieve their anxiety. After a few minutes, it was my turn and I was impressed to
find that my phone call prior to arrival had prompted the staff to prepare the
(personalized) medications necessary to treat all our dogs, saving me precious minutes
on this errand. I have always enjoyed the character of small neighborhoods that I feel
is the foundation of community resilience and I am glad to be part of a place where it
truly exists.

May you have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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