From Allegro to Lento

Photo on 4-8-14 at 9.58 AM #3
Dear Friends,

A beautiful, serene morning greets me today. I have just spent a minute on the terrace
watching a skilled hummingbird hover and fly backwards as it feeds on the nectar of
flowers or catches an insect in the air. I envy their aerial lifestyle for a second but the
heat of the tiles on my bare feet brings me back to reality. I welcome the chance to
engage in movement with gratitude before the rains begin later today. Get out there
early and invite someone to come along!

Listening to classical music is very enjoyable when I make time to just sit for an
extended period. I rarely listen to classical music while I write because I feel the rich
music is deserving of all my attention and my writing requires all my attention because
it does not always flow easily. I am making an exception this morning because the
rapid movements of the tiny birds reminded me of the spirited Vivaldi and Haydn
allegros I could never master when I practiced piano many years ago but which I enjoy
hearing from time to time because they inspire me to view possibilities in my life with
joy and optimism.

a compact disk laying on a background of sheet music

I am getting ready to travel to New York again this coming week. I am eager to see
our children whose lives are proof that despite the many mistakes I made in my inter-
actions with them as youngsters, they are resilient and will thrive because they have
a strong sense of roots and wings! They no longer need us in quite the same way as
they did before and they recognize that the strong family bond can transcend distance.
I am comforted by the fact that they live near each other and are still as “thicks as
thieves” as when they lived at home.

Over the past few years, our family has experienced many changes. Our beloved pets
are beginning to slow down and every day spent with them is a gift. I find it difficult
to entertain thoughts of their passing but I know that it is a reality that we accepted
when we adopted them years ago. We are fortunate they have had such long lives and
that our children and we have shared their movements from allegro to lento and
everything in between!

I wish you a wonderful day filled with music and joy and a terrific week, Marietta

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