Last Hurrah of Summer

Photo on 9-1-15 at 1.56 PM

Dear Friends,

I was greeted by a typical end-of-summer day here in Queens, a day that
is hot, and mostly cloudy. Despite that, I am grateful to hear the sounds of
the neighborhood waking up and am soaking up the urban landscape that
has its own unique charm. Get out early today and make the most of your
morning. Here in the U.S. it is Labor Day weekend, the last hurrah for the
summer before getting into the serious business that the cooler temperatures
bring: return to school and preparation for the winter.

Sunday is the day of the week when I review the experiences of the last few
days so that I can pen my message to you and share something worthwhile. I
find that these analyses of events focus me and help me ascertain whether my
participation (active or passive) could or should have been different to produce
a more fulfilling personal experience. Most of the time, I am satisfied of what
my part has been and when I finally go to sleep at night, I feel the day has been
spent wisely. Spending my days wisely has become increasingly important as
I age.

Last week I paid focused attention to the details of the neighborhoods where
I found myself. As always, I remember my parents and their active involvement
in all the communities where they lived with a goal of improving or shaping
their surroundings. It is an example that has influenced my view of myself as
a citizen regardless of whether I am here or in Atenas. I am proud to see my
own children becoming interested in improving the places where they live by
becoming aware of the issues confronting their communities with the goal to be
part of the solution rather than the problem.

I do a lot of walking when I visit New York. I also have the opportunity to use
the incredible mass transit system to get from place to place quickly. Sometimes,
if I have ample time or simply cannot imagine negotiating the unfriendly, arduous
underground stairs that are used by people with strollers, suitcases or large back-
packs, I opt for the buses which provide comfort and an opportunity for sightseeing.
My children are entertained by my dramatic descriptions of the things I notice when
I am above ground and I amaze myself when I realize how many minutes I invest
in planning out my route ahead of time now that I am not the seasoned New Yorker
I once was!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta


P.S. For those of you living in Atenas, please remember the III Classic Mountain
Bike fundraiser is being held today for the Hogar de Ancianos in our county. Breakfast
is already underway!

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