Multiple Celebrations

Photo on 9-12-15 at 10.36 AM #2

Dear Friends,

The sun is shining on me this morning – my 60th birthday – in my beloved
Atenas!! I have already received many greetings from my ever-growing circle
of loved ones and I feel blessed and appreciated. My heart bursts with gratitude
to awaken to the music that is nature outside my window. As always, I encourage
you to go outdoors and take in all that life is offering you. On this special day, I am
sending thanks to my mom who deserves much credit for where I am today, but
especially for bringing me into the world!


Today is also Grandparents day in the U.S. This is a great opportunity for the elders
to share wisdom and values with the young ones and for the young ones to connect
with the elders in their lives. My current involvement with the Senior Citizens Home
(Hogar de Ancianos) in Atenas has made me very interested in finding ways to honor
the importance of this population in today’s modern world. It has also made me aware
of the complexity of the relationship between the residents, their families and their
caregivers, a fact I never really thought about until I became part of the Board.


I have mentioned how much I walk when I am in New York, something which doesn’t
happen here in Atenas because I drive around town most of the time. One day, after a
very long day of shopping and walking, with several bags in tow, I found myself in a
very crowded subway car. I resigned myself to standing the entire length of my
journey and found a pole to hold on to for safety. A few minutes later, a young man
tapped my shoulder and offered me his seat. I could see that he was going home from
work and that he was tired too, but I appreciated and accepted his offer. When I told
the story to my son, he said that hearing about someone’s kindness to me made him
glad that he had made similar gestures to (older) strangers in the past. I was very
proud to learn this.


Costa Rica is celebrating 194 years of Independence on Tuesday. I never realized until
today how much the decorations, the sounds of school marching bands practicing and
the simple or elaborate lanterns in evidence everywhere have been a subtle part of my
own birthday celebrations. Our longstanding history of peace continues and I will be
present on Tuesday morning to participate in all the festivities, as an extension of
marking my own important milestone. As I get older, I find myself enjoying everything
more, and making more of an effort to hold and keep close the people I love. I extend
that to all of you and I thank you for allowing me to come into your lives each week
with my writing.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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One thought on “Multiple Celebrations

  1. You are a most blessed and beloved “senior citizen!” Enjoy and relish all that honor you. There are many and you deserve it. I love it when the young people offer a seat on the subway. Nice! I’m enjoying my “seniority” also, Thanks again for a lovely Sunday Post!

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