Accepting changes

Photo on 5-30-15 at 10.02 AM #2
Dear Friends,

As I begin to compose my message this morning, I am slightly aware
of the haze in the morning sky. My ears pick up the faint but urgent song
from the tiny swallows flying around the terrace. They are a constant and
refreshing reservoir of energy for my soul each year as they migrate and
fill the skies around me. Get out early today and see if you can spot the
many resident and migrating species in your neighborhood while you move
your body in loving gratitude for this beautiful day.

The last few weeks have found me practicing mindful reflection when I
make a point of setting time aside for this purpose. While I am most
comfortable when I am in constant physical activity, I have become more
aware of how quickly time passes and of how important it is to be really
clear about what personal undertakings are adding to my sense of living in
ways that add to my contentment in life. I find I am at a place (and age!)
where I have given myself permission to partake of fewer events without
feeling guilty about not volunteering for everything. I am now willing to
accept the fact that nothing will fall apart if I don’t participate!


Costa Rica celebrated 194 years of independence on Tuesday. I headed out
early that morning to the center of our small town so I could watch the
parade in its entirety. The sun was strong, the colors and sounds were lively,
and the procession went on for several hours, ending with a team of oxen pulling
a colorful oxcart – both strong symbols of our country’s intangible heritage. I
felt proud in that moment to remember that my maternal grandfather was once
an important part of that world of hard work and dedication to agriculture. I am
thankful for my early childhood experiences in the backyard of my grandparents’
home in Moravia where I saw him tend to his field and Grandma collecting eggs
from her beloved chickens for our breakfast.

I am at ease with my life right now. My supportive community (which includes
all of you) becomes more important with each passing day. I am eager to discover
what new insights appear as I devote a little more of my time to silence and
contemplation, surrounded by nature and the beautiful music that is available to me
with just a touch of a button. As always, I thank you for allowing me to share
my thoughts with you and for the feedback you provide.

Have an amazing day and a terrific week, Marietta

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