Senior Citizens Month

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Dear Friends,

After a good night’s sleep, it was a joy to wake up this morning to the familiar
sounds of nature outside my window. I find myself able to identify more birds
this year and listening to their expressions has become a compelling exercise
each day as I take a walk around our gardens and admire the beauty of the
ever-changing landscape. Take a few minutes today to get out in loving gratitude
for all the beauty in your world.


Two years ago today, a newly-constructed day care center was inaugurated in Atenas.
The much-needed center was built to serve the requirements of about 100 children in
ages ranging from newborns to 8 years old. I was present for the event and can
recall the festive mood and grateful smiles of the mothers and their children as
they looked forward to receiving the educational and nutritional assistance which
was offered. Sadly, the bureaucratic process delayed the true opening of this
center for a while but that is a story for another day, never a Sunday!


I was thinking about the day care center today because October is Senior Citizens
Month. Our local Senior Citizens Home (Hogar de Ancianos) has planned many
activities for the residents who live and thrive there. The current Board of Directors
is proactively seeking information about establishing a separate day center to meet the
challenges of and to provide opportunities for this growing population and their
families. If you have any ideas or would like to be part of this project, please let
me know.

A well-run day center focuses on enriching participants’ lives while providing much
respite to the caregivers who can take a break from the physical and emotional
demands on their time, knowing their loved one is in a safe and structured
environment for part of the day. I have begun to look at our circumstances carefully
and I enjoy picturing myself (and my husband!) an active participant of such a place.
I know it will provide the needed/wanted social, mental and physical stimulation.
These aspirations have prompted me to research aging with the same enthusiasm I
once researched parenting. As I often say, every age has its own charms and benefits!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week. And if you are a Senior Citizen, make the
most of this month, Marietta

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