Photo on 12-7-14 at 11.20 AM #4

Good Morning Friends,

A typically beautiful morning in Atenas greets me. As I gaze out my window,
I am drinking a cup of my favorite Atenas coffee and eating some delicious
fruit which was purchased at the local Farmers’ market on Friday. As usual for a
Sunday, I invite you to get outside today and celebrate the many blessings in
your life; not the least of which is the ability to move your body and breathe
deeply while you take in your surroundings.

Yesterday morning I was surprised by the appearance of two or three large
bluejays on a bush outside the room I was in. I was enraptured by the intensity
of their colors and their energy. Although they never exchanged a single “word”,
they communicated while they slipped quickly through the bushes and finally
flew away. Since there are so many different kinds of birds that fly (or nest) on our
property, I am not sure I would recognize their song. I am hopeful to see them
and hear them today, now that I have been able to listen to the Audubon recording
of their different sounds. Thanks goodness for the modern technology that is
available to the birding amateur that I am!

Birdwatching has always been enjoyable to me but these days I am really enthusiastic
and amazed by the aerial adventurers who stop by every season. It is nice to see
them enjoy the offerings on our many fruit trees. Alas, the need to protect the scant,
tasty dragon fruit has become a priority for this is one fruit I want to savor before
they do! Everything has a time and a reason. In my youth, serious thoughts about
birds rarely entered my mind; now that I am carving out more leisure time I find that
the whole subject has become a rewarding, enriching pastime.

A few years ago, I spent some days alone at a nearby beach. I took many long,
peaceful walks in solitude that became filled with inner reflection. Away from the
noisy world I usually seek, I discovered that being alone was an opportunity to become
more aware of all that was going on inside of me in the present moment. It was a gift
to be able to come face to face with myself in a constructive manner which allowed me
to rest, relax and return a better companion to my loved ones. I recommend it.

I wish you a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

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