Written communication

Photo on 4-8-14 at 9.58 AM #3

Good morning, Friends,

It is Sunday once again, and the first of November! Make it a great renewal
day by getting out and moving around while you thank your body for supporting
you through the days. Do it before the day gets away from you, as they can.

November is my favorite month of the year. It is the time when I can look out my
windows to observe how the beautiful landscape morphs from the lush bright green
we see now to the different shades of brown. I particularly enjoy observing the
handsome, mature trees that lose their leaves and produce breathtaking blossoms
that create a mood appropriate to the season. Each year, those blossoms bring a
plethora of pollinators that are vital to our ecosystems as well.

About 60 days remain to 2015. From my current vantage point, I look back on
this year with a mixture of nostalgia and optimism. As always is the case, the days
have passed quickly and my unrealistic expectations of what I could accomplish
this calendar year differ significantly from what I actually managed so far! My
optimism stems from the knowledge that I can still attempt one realistic project
before the year is over. I will devote the next several weeks to continuing to
declutter my closet; something I began a few months ago with some success!
I anticipate feeling great when it begins to resemble the “after” picture I have in

Picture credit Bing.com Free to share and use

Every Sunday, I sit down in front of my computer and look back on the events of
the previous week to glean something worthwhile to share with you all. Recent
weeks have been filled with important life transitions which have had a big impact
on the way I look at my definition of personal success. I am often motivated to do
things because I have a desire to perform well against a goal, especially a goal I set
on my own.


I am grateful for each sunrise and sunset I am given and for each expression of
appreciation I receive from my readers. A need for regular, written communication
has been a part of my life since childhood as evidenced by the dozens of letters
from loved ones that I have kept and reread every so often. They will not find their
way into any discard pile if I can help it because they provide me with a sense of who
I am and where I have been. Thank you once again for allowing me to communicate
with you each week.

Have a great day and a wonderfully productive week, Marietta

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