Serene Purpose

Photo on 12-7-14 at 11.20 AM #4

Dear Friends,

I am a little late in composing my Sunday message because I am not at my
usual location for writing. Instead of waking up to a sunny, warm Atenas day,
I was greeted by a sunny, chilly day in San José where I have been spending time
at my parents’ home! Regardless of the chill, the sun is out, the birds are singing,
and I know myself blessed to live another day in this wonderful country. I trust
you have all gone outside to move and thank nature for all its gifts and are now
back home, enjoying some quality time with family and friends.

Every once in a while, I hear a song which becomes a favorite the very first time
I hear it. I don’t know if it’s because the lyrics are catchy, the tune is uplifting and/or
my general mood is receptive to its particular structure (verse, chorus, bridge) but
for whatever the reason, the song makes me feel connected. Diego Torres and Ruben
Blades teamed up to create the latest song that has captured me the way Pharrell Williams
did with “Happy” last year. Here is a link that I hope you enjoy. It put a smile on
my face from the beginning and had me dancing away the minutes!

Today is Sunday (say the lyrics), there is no commitment with the clock…
Today is Sunday, nothing better…


As I was returning home for a few hours yesterday, I happened to glance along
the side of road where the magnificent panorama consisted of the pink, feathery
grass flowers that remind me we are heading into the dry season in our country.
Soon, the browns and yellows will replace the lush green landscape so I breathed
deeply as my eyes feasted on the gentle colors that served as an elixir for my soul.
The days go quickly and I want to capture as many different angles as I can with
the camera located in my brain.

The year is ending and many opportunities for celebrations are coming our way.
Every year that passes brings a mixture of joys and sorrows and this year has been
no different for all of us. In my introspective moments, I recognize that getting
older and having a large circle of loved ones are gifts that underline how important
it is to live each day with serene purpose.

Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

photo of grass free to share image

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