Opening of City Mall in Alajuela

Photo on 5-30-15 at 10.02 AM #2

Dear Friends,

I welcome another beautiful Sunday in Atenas. Today is November 15,
the day in each year when I go to my terrace to admire the landscape
across the way. This vista allows me to measure the maturing progress
of the sugar cane plants as their gentle, graceful pink flowers begin to
decorate the view. It is amazing to me that despite all the construction,
my eyes (with the help of powerful binoculars) can still behold this scene
which fills my heart with gratitude and serenity.


The long-awaited City Mall in Alajuela opened its doors on Wednesday.
It was almost a month later than originally anticipated. Only 65% of
the stores were ready for the thousands of people who attended the opening
ceremonies (including Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís and
Alajuela Mayor Roberto Thompson) that included the birthday celebration
of Rachid Maalouf, Sr. father of Rachid Maalouf, Jr. the young CEO of Lady
Lee Corporation, developer of this and other projects in Central America.


Marketing strategists abound these days as we near the Christmas shopping
season and City Mall is no exception. They anticipate having 90% of the
stores open by “black” Friday (November 27th) and almost 100% by Christmas.
Mr. Maalouf, Jr. is excited about the two theme parks in City Mall that will
entertain children and young adults, as well as the many other activities
designed for the entire family to enjoy together. While I am not a shopaholic,
I do enjoy visiting new, urban (climate-controlled) places where I can refresh
my eyes on the bright decor while my feet move my body along the path!


Every Sunday morning, in anticipation of writing to you, I search for
something to read that might spark some inspiration. Some days, it is
a quick exercise while other mornings find me staring at the blank screen
for a long time. Months later when I read something I’ve written, I can’t
usually recall where a particular essay’s theme originated. I always know,
however, when others are affected by something I’ve composed because I
receive feedback and sharing. I am filled with tremendous satisfaction. My
goal with these weekly messages is to maintain a dialogue with a community
that grows larger year after year. Thank you for being there for me.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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