A sustainable community project

Scomari HeadShot

Dear Friends,

Another version of a splendid morning in Atenas greets me today. At this
moment the birds are quiet but I catch a glimpse of them flying in the
distance and I know that somewhere their song can be heard and appreciated.
Get out early today to move around in deep appreciation for all the beauty
that surrounds you. A happy St. Nick’s day and Happy Hanukkah to all of you
who celebrate these special days.


St Nick







This has been a busy week in our little town. The Su Espacio Art and Dance
Festival, a Colinas Azul graduation, the Su Espacio Angel Tree Christmas
party, and tonight the Municipality’s lighting of the Christmas Tree in the
Center of Atenas. The holiday spirit is present in our community, accompanied
by the early December breezes that bring joy and anticipation with them.

Dance FestivalArt

My many years of networking in the community have resulted in getting to
know lots of people in different local organizations. I have seen the difference
one person can make in the lives of others when they establish a sustainable
project that continues to deliver services to intended beneficiaries. Such is
the case with Su Espacio, the community center that Tina Newton started
more than a decade ago. It is an essential component of our town.

When I arrived at the Salon comunal yesterday (where the Angel Tree party
would be held) to drop off the cookies I had made, I saw the many (mostly)
ex-pat volunteers setting up chairs, decorating, arranging the gifts, distributing
food, etc. I caught a glimpse of David and Corinna (the new directors) and
Tina handling details and giving instructions to ensure a smooth party for all.

As I left the salon comunal, I saw a line of children and parents forming
outside, waiting in eager expectancy of the celebration in store for them.
It was heartwarming to see this tradition continue and I know that Tina,
David and Corinna are grateful for the outpouring of generosity for this
project that brings so many smiles to these children and their families.
Everyone cooperates to make sure no child is left out.

I look out my window right now and appreciate the beauty of this present
moment. It holds the promise of another day that unfolds before me to
be lived in the best way. The same is true for you.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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