Expropriating negativity from our lives.



Good Morning Friends,

A lovely December morning greets me and wherever you are, I hope
the same is true for you. There are some very early morning risers
among my friends who have shared breathtaking pictures of today’s
sunrise from different parts of the world and I am impressed with the
dramatic arrangement of beautiful colors that Nature bestows on our
sky each morning. I encourage you to get out as early as you can so
you can enjoy these wonderful gifts before the day gets away from you.

My father and I have lunch once a week at a sports bar near his home in
San José. The place is not ever going to receive the Michelin star for fine
dining, but we enjoy going there because they know us, bring us our drinks
and food quickly (we eat the same thing week after week!) and we can
concentrate on whatever topic of conversation is currently on our minds
without interruption for order taking, etc.

As is common in establishments of this type, the television is turned on and
since there are usually no games broadcast at lunchtime, the news comes
on as we begin to eat. This past week, the first few minutes of the show were
filled with headlines that featured negative, violent events. Before commercial
breaks, we were ‘teased’ with upcoming stories that would concentrate on
the heartbreaking reality that some families or individuals face during this
Holiday Season. We glanced at the screen occasionally while we ate and talked.

These stories are repeated on every channel and also in newspapers and most
social media. I find myself preferring to turn off the television and doing what
I can in my circle of influence, as many of us do. According to my observations
and conversations conducted at various times with my friends, it appears that we
humans are drawn to bad news because it is more powerful than neutral or positive
news. I have been making an effort for years to expropriate negativity from my
life and although it is not always possible, I find that the more I practice, the
better I become at finding positive, uplifting and inspiring people and narratives.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Picture my own.

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