Joy and Kindness

me in santa hatDear Friends,

Greetings on a Sunday morning that brings with it the crisp December
breezes that motivate me to get out of bed and begin the day with some
movement in appreciation for everything in my life at this moment. My
blessings are many. I encourage you to get out early so you can make
the most of your day which probably includes activities like baking
goodies to share with family and friends during the coming weeks.

We are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, a traditionally Christian holiday
that has taken hold of people of different faiths and cultures around the
world. Although there are many variations in the ways families celebrate, the
feelings of happiness, generosity and optimism prevail in most places I visit
and in the hearts of most of the people I know. While it is easy to fall victim
to the frustration that comes with traveling, shopping, and cooking, it is vital
remember the reason for the season and enjoy it in good spirits.

Our daughter arrives tomorrow. I look forward to embracing her and receiving
the special gift her presence is at this time of year. She loves this festive season
and has spent hours shopping for twinkling and unusual lights to hang on the
porch and to decorate the tree with. I admit with some embarrassment that
knowing how long it takes to dismantle and put everything away afterwards
has reduced the number of items I decorate with. In preparation for her arrival,
however, I have brought some special ornaments out of their storage places.

During this week, the Animales de Atenas group and their well-behaved rescue
dogs visited the Hogar de Ancianos (Senior home) for the second time this year.
The dogs and their owners donned holiday clothes and accessories which delighted
the residents. My heart is uplifted by events like this one because it confirms
what I have always believed about living in this small town: it encourages new
arrivals to become part of a cohesive community that makes no apology for
preserving its traditions of hospitality and solidarity.

I send you all my best wishes for a day filled with joy and kindness and
for a terrific Holiday Season, Marietta

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