An attitude shift

Photo on 11-17-15 at 11.59 AM

Dear Friends,

It is a beautiful, bright and sunny Sunday morning. Today is the second day
of Christmas and I invite you to bring your personal radiance wherever you
venture to relax, rejuvenate and get ready for the week ahead. Move your
body in gratitude and be open to whatever new experiences come your way.

My brother and his three children were here for what seemed a very short
week. They headed to Punta Leona where we visited them for a day since it
is so close to our home in Atenas. The young adult cousins had a chance to
catch up and I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the day as it was unfolding.
It was a joy to hear their laughter coming from the pool as they regrouped
after months of being apart.

Punta Leona

We ate lunch at a restaurant very close to the beach and I realized that since
these young people are away from the beach most of the year, they make the
most of their time while here and take pleasure in their surroundings in a
way I have never really taken the time to understand. I am guilty of focusing
on the sand that I will never eliminate from the car; on the salt that stings my
eyes; on the sun that dries my already moisture-deprived curly hair! This time,
though, I made it a point to experience the beach from their angle.

These beach lovers appreciate the simple pleasure of lounging while listening
to the rhythm of the waves that gives them a break from the reality and routine
of their daily existence. They don’t let the discomfort of sand in their bathing
suits take anything away from enjoying the beautiful, natural goodness of the
vastness they are witnessing. They are grateful to have the chance to sit in a
pretty place, even for just a few hours. The simplicity of the beach day made
the hours pass quickly and was the basis of an attitude shift in me which I am
eager to maintain on future beach outings!

As we end the year, I reiterate my gratitude for allowing me to come into your
lives each week and I wish you a healthy and love-filled 2016, Marietta

images my own

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