Jamie Oliver’s Twist!

Photo on 9-1-15 at 1.56 PM

Dear Friends,

This beautiful Sunday morning greeted me with the sounds and sights of
nature (soft bird chirps, falling almond leaves). In the near distance I also
perceived the sound of a neighbor’s lawn mower in what I consider too
early on a Sunday morning. Although my first response was to become
irritated and annoyed, I remembered that I have earphones and an array
of inspiring music that I can listen to while my neighbor takes care of his
chore for the day.

We have just completed the first full week of 2016. As we were taking
down the decorations and our tree yesterday, I was reminded of how quickly
each year passes. I am making it a priority to remember to live each moment
fully; to be grateful for all the people and things in my life. We will host
visitors in the early part of this year and I am making concerted efforts to
travel more within Costa Rica so that I can become a more knowledgable
promoter of this incredible country which I am fortunate to live in.

Sometime last year, British Chef Jamie Oliver (champion of better food
education worldwide) visited the Nicoya Peninsula and was treated to the
simple food that might be one of the secrets of longevity in that area. I
found myself very enthusiastic about his visit because in April, 1999 just
a few months prior to our moving to Costa Rica, he was a young chef whose
program on the Food Network (The Naked Chef) appealed to me. I have
always enjoyed learning from people who really care about what they do.

The show began at a time when I was a homemaker with young children at
home. I was mesmerized by the passion with which this young man made
cooking entertaining. It has been great to follow his career and to see what
lengths he will go to to inspire families to cook at home and to learn about
real food and the different ways to prepare it. His twist on our traditional
recipes adds a bit of zest and I am going to try to make some soon!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Costa Rican Black Bean Soup | Vegetable Recipes | Jamie Oliver


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