Relationships matter!

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Dear Friends,

I begin writing these words on a beautiful, quiet Sunday morning, already the
third one of 2016! Time passes too quickly. I encourage all of us to make the
most of each day by taking the time to stretch, breathe, and look around us with
gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone in our lives. Approaching
each day with optimism will help us bring positive energy to the things we do.

As I contemplate the landscape, I am thinking of the many activities I will be
engaged in during the next few days. Visitors will be arriving and it will be a
great opportunity to give them an authentic experience that they will remember
for a long time. Arriving at the farmers market in Atenas on Friday, I became
aware of the colorful experience it is when observed as a visitor and not just as
an early-morning shopper hoping to find the freshest local produce available.

The place was bustling with activity and since I was early for an appointment
that morning, I decided to spend a little time chatting with one of the vendors.
Even though she had been taking care of her customers since 5 a.m. (it was 9
when I got there), she had a ready smile for everyone who stopped by. She
deftly weighed produce, packed purchases, made change and bantered with
visitors and other vendors. She confided to me that her life would not be the
same without the opportunity to build her community this way week after week.


I left the farmers market feeling exhilarated and perky, something that happens
to me whenever I have been able to connect with others, even if only for a few
minutes. Creating opportunities for bonding is not always easy in this fast-paced
modern world because of the widespread demands on our time. I sat in the car and
gathered my thoughts. I realized that it is important to take the time for bonding.
Relationships matter and good ones are essential to our well-being.

Have a wonderful day and a week full of worthwhile connections, Marietta

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