Delicious Tranquility

Scomari HeadShot
Dear Friends,
Welcome to another Sunday morning.  I am greeted by a landscape of
majestic mountains in the distance. The bright sky has milky, fluffy clouds.
The air is crisp, encouraging the happy, energetic swallows to swoop and
dart in circles looking for breakfast!  Although we can’t fly around like they
do, we can still get out early to enjoy and appreciate the beauty around us.
Tomorrow begins the month of February, a whole (short) month devoted to 
love and friendship.  Many couples will exchange marriage vows during this
month.  February provides us with the opportunity to remember and tell our 
loved ones, including our pets, how we treasure them.  We can also be good
to ourselves by acknowledging everything we are doing to make our world a
little better.  
Today is the 9th Annual Chili Cook-Off.  It is being held for the second time
in the Sabana Larga arena and lots of volunteers have spent several months
organizing everything for the event.  I am eager to hear FLASHBACK (11am
to 1 pm), a group of talented musicians that promise to get us singing, dancing
and having fun.  In the salon, aspiring chefs will provide savory samples (get
there early) to the public who will get to vote for a People’s Choice Award.
The proceeds will benefit the children of the Hogar de Vida.  I hope to see 
many of you there!
Sundays have always had a special meaning for me.  They follow a ritual of
enjoying a leisurely breakfast while looking back over the week and preparing
for the coming one. It is generally a day for taking it easy and luxuriating in
the many hours of quiet that pass quickly.  Taking a break from the obligations
of my daily life that this delicious tranquility provides is something I try to
engage in each week.
Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

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