Municipal Election 2016

Photo on 1-19-16 at 11.21 AM #3

Dear Friends,

A lovely crisp sunny Sunday morning greets me and I begin my message
today after returning from an invigorating walk around our grounds. Tiny
birds surprised me with their spirited song and I was delighted when I was
also able to spot two parrots as they screeched and flew away when I got close.
Get out early today and enjoy what Nature presents you with this new day.

The last few weeks have found politicians in Atenas (and the rest of the country)
busy visiting local neighborhoods, placing posters and flags in prominent areas
and making themselves available for interviews or debates in preparation for the
mayoral elections which are taking place today. These municipal elections are
being held mid-way through the presidential and legislative terms and it is hoped
that the change will bring more civic participation than in the past where less than
30% of registered voters went to the polls.

These elections are also very important because it is the first time that councilors
and other municipal officials are chosen by the people. In the past, the national
authorities chose these officials during the presidential elections. Our local
government is really the place where the decisions affecting us directly are made.
It is vital that we examine the proposals of each candidate (we have 6 in Atenas!)
and make a choice that reflects our belief that we are electing the best candidates,
the ones we feel will be able to carry out the responsibilities of their jobs.

I have spoken about the elections with a lot of people in the last few weeks. Many
are so disheartened by what has been going on in our county for the last six years
that they have chosen to stay home today. While I understand the apathy and fear
that has taken hold of the minds and hearts of potential voters, I refuse to pass up
an opportunity to reaffirm the pride I feel for our democratic system. I don’t take
it for granted and I won’t let someone else choose for me! If you can vote, please
do so.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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