A day for love and friendship!

Photo on 2-14-16 at 7.45 AM

Greetings Friends on this beautiful (if windy) morning!

We are in the month of love and friendship and today is a great day
to show affection and appreciation for everyone who is a part of your
life, including yourself. Get out early and move the wonderful body
that supports you and allows you to get from place to place, even though
it might sometimes take a little stretching and warming up to get going!

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to participate in a radio broadcast
which included interviewing several of the local candidates for mayor.
Despite the importance of the topics at hand, the atmosphere was informal
and sociable and an immediate rapport was established between the guest
presenters and interviewees. We were all focused on one objective: getting
people to the voting polls.

Voter turnout in Atenas for these elections was almost 50% of registered
voters which is about 20% more than the last time we voted for mayor six
years ago. Although it will be another couple of weeks before the official
results are certified by the Election Board, most of us know whether or not
our favorites have been elected. I feel confident that the issues confronting
our town will be tackled and that citizens are becoming more involved in a
process that concerns them.

Today is a special day in Atenas. In honor of love and friendship, a group of
volunteers (and their pets) from the Animales de Atenas Foundation will be
visiting the Hogar de Ancianos and bringing lots of smiles to the residents and
employees this morning. And in the afternoon, more than 70 couples will be
celebrating by renewing their marriage vows in the central park of Atenas! I
will be covering both events for my monthly magazine Atenas Today and I
invite you to be a part of it if you are nearby!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week!

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