Tolerance and Steadfastness

Photo on 1-19-16 at 11.21 AM #3Dear Friends,

A gorgeous Sunday morning greets me. The sun is shining, the air is warm
and the winds that have plagued Atenas (and other parts of the country) during
the week are subdued at the moment. What a wonderful opportunity to get
outside and enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts. Make the best of the day by getting
out there early.

Many times when I read a headline in the newspaper or online, I am reminded
that the world is going through difficult times, Costa Rica being no exception.
My anxiety grows and I find that instead of being determined to “change the
world” in my own small way, I am filled with the kind of negative thinking that
actually leads to a pervasive apathy, something I am not comfortable feeling.

Fortunately these emotions don’t last very long, there is always something or
someone that requires my attention and brings me back to the awareness that
there is very little I can do to control events that are outside my immediate circle
of concern. Although I would like to fix everything, I know that my limited
energy should not be fractured because I will accomplish nothing, and will
serve no one.

I was very distracted during my guitar lesson yesterday. My attention and
focus were scattered, causing me to make repeated mistakes in a short musical
piece that I had been able to play correctly just a few days before. My teacher
respects the difference between teaching me as opposed to the many children
that are also his students. I appreciate his easygoing yet steadfast attitude. As I
drove back home from my lesson, I began to feel that my guitar lessons (and
teacher) are prompting me to discover ways to improve my concentration. This
will surely have a positive effect in other areas of my life. I am grateful.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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