A serendipitous brunch!

Scomari HeadShot

Dear Friends,

I awoke to a lovely Sunday with the sweet chirping of birds in the distance
and a light breeze that rustled the blinds in my room. My energy was high
as I made my way into the kitchen for my second cup of coffee (you guessed
it, from Atenas!) and my husband’s always welcome Sunday breakfast.
I urge us all to take charge of this day early, not letting it get away from us.
A bit of light movement and gentle stretching will get us off to a good start.

While I can’t recall with certainty when my first brunch experience was, the
mere mention of this meal makes me feel cheerful, sociable and energized.
Brunch to me is about choices, something is bound to delight even if not
everything is to our liking! When I was in New York last fall, I planned to
celebrate my birthday with my children and friends at a trendy brunch spot,
completely forgetting the popularity of this meal in that city, especially on

When we arrived at our intended spot, the waiting line was too long so we
headed for a less popular restaurant which served our purpose just as well.
The silver lining (for me) turned out to be discovering another option when
things didn’t go according to plan and having the opportunity to walk a few
minutes in the brisk September air in the city with a small gathering of my
favorite people. I can still recall the pleasure we all took in that short walk.


Yesterday we attended a birthday celebration for the 18 year old daughter
of a couple we have known for about 8 years. The invitation said “brunch”
and I was not disappointed. The options ranged from sweet to savory and
were served in bite-sized unique presentations. The atmosphere was alive
with the camaraderie her young friends. My husband and I spent the hours
getting to know a couple we had never met before and with whom we have
much in common. There is no better feeling in the world than to be part of
a celebration that becomes a wonderful memory to look back on. Brunch
continues to rank high on my list for its often-serendipitous results!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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