A very short message

Photo on 2-28-14 at 11.03 AM #3

Dear Friends,

I am writing this email in the early hours of Sunday morning when it
is still too dark to know what kind of day it will be. I am traveling to
Cuba for week later this morning but I wanted to make sure that I got
my message out to you before I left. Remember to get out early, to
move in loving appreciation for all that you have and perhaps to reach
out to a loved one to join you in an activity for the day.

Yesterday, I spent my day taking care of all the last minute details that
are part of taking a trip. Although I will only be away for a week, I
feel as if I need to leave everything in good order so that if anything
comes up it can be done easily. One of the most important items
on my list every time I travel is the watering of my beloved African
Violets that suffer so much during the dry, windy spell. I was alarmed
to see what terrible condition they are in, droopy and almost lifeless.
I am not sure they will make it but if they do, I promise to be a much
more aware home gardener.

Have a wonderful day, a wonderful week, and please remember to get
out and move next Sunday also as I will still be away until later in the
day, when if I can, I will drop you all a line!


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