Easter Sunday

IMG_0005Dear Friends,

Greetings on this Easter Sunday! The winds have not yet begun in
my neighborhood but the temperature is high and I am grateful to
wake up to a place where I am surrounded by unbeatable scenery.
I am looking forward to a day filled with peace and tranquility. Get
outdoors today and celebrate this day of renewal and joy with your
loved ones.

I have been sitting in front of my computer for a couple of hours, not
really knowing how or where to begin my narrative today. I returned last
Sunday from an unforgettable trip to Cuba…the intriguing island-nation
that is currently the focus of some of the media’s attention. My trip took
place just one week before President Obama’s and since I was staying in
the area he was going to visit, I was able to see all the preparations that
were undertaken prior to his arrival. I took lots of pictures and I hope to
be able to do something with them in the months to come.

Old Havana has a time-stood-still feel with its hundreds of vintage cars
and absence of modern supermarkets that cater to all one’s desires. It
did not ‘fit’ any of my previous conceptions and even while living an
experience (traveling in a ‘taxi’ that was in such deplorable condition I felt
we would be called on to help repair it before trip’s end!) I was not sure I
was fully aware of what was happening. I will return to Cuba to explore
more of its exotic places in the future, of that I am sure.


Buying groceries in Cuba became a daily challenge. The first day found us
going to 4 different stores in search of bottled water without success. Later,
we were unable to find eggs, sugar or jam. It’s just the way it is and people
rarely complain. After spending a week in Cuba, I had renewed gratitude
upon returning home. My first stop was the local supermarket where I purchased
all the fruits and vegetables I take for granted. There is no place like home!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Pictures: My own

One thought on “Easter Sunday

  1. Cuba is so close, yet so far away from being a country with open arms with the USA. I hope this changes.

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