Dog Show

Photo on 4-15-16 at 2.51 PM #2
Dear Friends,

The sky outside my windows is hazy this morning. Although the view is
masked by this milky shroud, I can still make out the layers of mountains
in the distance and I can appreciate the sense of peace and permanence the
breathtaking landscape provides. Stretch gently, breathe deeply and head
out this morning in gratitude for every one and everything in your life.

I spent many hours at the Hogar de Ancianos in Atenas yesterday. In the
morning, I attended the First Annual Dog show organized by the amazing
volunteers of the Animales de Atenas CR group. The fundraising event was
fun and a great way to get whole families out with their beloved pets. The
categories included large and small, most like its owner, most obedient,
best dressed and more. There was panel of judges, an excellent emcee and
two honored guests: Dr. Olman Solano Garita and Grupo Belina S.A.

Dora Castro, Animales de Atenas’ spokesperson shared her passion for
the mission the foundation has which is to stop the suffering of street dogs
and cats and also to provide low-income families with assistance to properly
care for the pets they adopt. The foundation organizes spay and neuter
clinics, informs about deworming and vaccination and visits schools and
other centers to provide educational conferences. Volunteers are always
needed and cannot be thanked enough for the priceless contribution they
make when they donate their time to this and other non-profit organizations.

After the dog show, it was time for me to take my place in the kitchen of
the Hogar where I was assigned my job for the next five hours. I donned
my apron, gloves and hairnet, replaced the previous server and promptly got
to work! Previous experience has shown me that the typical foods of our
culture prepared by an expert chef draw a large crowd. It was a wonderful
opportunity to greet the many people I have come to know since I moved
to Atenas because I feel like I have truly been embraced by the community.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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