Spring in New York

Photo on 4-15-16 at 2.51 PM #2

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this gorgeous Sunday morning from New York! Although I have
not been outside yet, I can feel that the April air is crisp and I can hear the hearty
song of the warblers outside my window. Get out early today allowing both body
and mind to enjoy the sounds and sights of Nature, wherever you are. You will
feel so much better and your day will get off to a great start.

I had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning yesterday in order to make
it to the airport with plenty of time so that I did not feel rushed or stressed. It
amazed me to see how many people were already checking in when I arrived.
Everything went smoothly and we boarded right on time. We were delayed 40
minutes in taking off and the pilot explained that the computer system at the
traffic control tower was not working properly. This meant that the flight path
would have to be entered manually so we were waiting for someone to come
to the plane, get it from him and hand deliver it to the tower, just like in the
old days! We were eventually in the air and our arrival time in Newark was
only about 15 minutes later than scheduled.

My seat companion was a young woman who fell deeply asleep after take off.
Although I also slept for an hour, I spent most of my time reading the in-flight
magazines and writing down some of my impressions of the morning. It is not
often that I can count on having that many hours of uninterrupted time and I was
energized by everything that was going on around me. I heard several languages
spoken (besides English and Spanish!) and it struck me that many of those people
were on a flight to Newark to connect to another flight to their final destination. I
was glad I only had one flight to deal with!

When we arrived at the customs area in Newark, I noticed with relief that there were
very few people waiting. The short line moved quickly and I was was soon on my
way to greet my son. The first few minutes together were filled with hugs, kisses and
lots of good-natured banter before we made it out of the parking lot and drove to where
my daughter was waiting so we could get something to eat and catch up. On the
ride to her campus I was delighted when I spotted a small field of tulips. I was glad
for the red traffic light that allowed my eyes to absorb a view not granted to me in
Atenas. The rest of the day was perfect and I feel rested and happy to be here.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week, Marietta


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