New Opportunities

Dana and me at Front Gallery TriBeCa

Dear Friends,

Greetings from another chilly Sunday morning in New York. Although it
is after 10 a.m. as I begin to write, I have not heard a single bird chirp yet.
They are no doubt still enjoying the warmth and security provided by the
places where they go to sleep. What are present on this and other mornings
are the sounds of a city coming alive after hours at rest. It motivated me to
get out of bed, stretch and plan my day. I urge you to get outside for a while
today and enjoy the benefits of waking up to another day full of choices!

I spent yesterday afternoon art gallery-sitting with my daughter in TriBeCa.
Although it had been my intention to spend roughly an hour appraising the
photographs taken in Cuba and curated for this wonderful exhibit, I ended up
staying for her entire “assigned” time and closing up the gallery with her. She
opted to spend the night with me rather than go back to her college dorm, so
we went to the movies (where I got a “senior discount”!) and came home together.

Only four people came to see the exhibit while we were there yesterday. Many had
come on the day of inauguration (as I had) but it was almost impossible to really
appreciate the work then because there was so much going on that first evening.
I was glad I returned yesterday and that my daughter had been there through the
entire curating process because she was able to tell me why certain pictures were
chosen and what their creator was seeing through his/her lens at a particular time.
It was also wonderful to see her work finally displayed in a proper gallery.

In my lifetime, I have met people (in the U.S. and in C.R.) who had been doctors,
teachers, or engineers in their country of birth. I have heard how political horrors
and poverty forced them to migrate away from their families and homes in search
of better circumstances. The recent trip to Cuba has opened up a whole new set of
opportunities for community building for the students (from New York and Cuba)
who participated in the course. I strongly believe that willingness to communicate
will help us understand customs and traditions that are different from our own.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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