A source of strength

Dear Friends,

I woke up to an invigorating sunny Sunday here in Queens, the last Sunday
of this visit. The time has passed very quickly. The remaining few days
will be spent tidying up several loose ends and making sure that everything
I need to take back with me is packed and ready to go. I invite you to join
me in spending a little time reflecting on the mysteries of life while breathing
and moving your body. It is a good way to spend a few minutes, a benefit
for both mind and spirit that will stay with you all day.

Yesterday was my proper celebration of mother’s day with our three children!
The most special gifts I have received from them are the handmade treasures I
often write about and the time they set aside to spend with me when I am here.
We went to lunch at a nearby restaurant which had a party room that was full
of young children and their parents celebrating someone’s important life event.

I was startled by the energy and ease with which these small children made their
way in and out of the area designated for them, presumably supervised. I saw
that our three children (all in their 20’s) seemed to spontaneously glance over
every now and then to make sure no child was falling from the high bar stools
which were not intended for them, just in case no one else was noticing. I admit
I felt very proud and relaxed and enjoyed my meal because they were on the job!

It seems like yesterday that our children were so young and innocent. Their
present maturity reminds me of the importance of nurturing relationships face-
to-face in this unpredictable and fast-paced world. Our conversations become
more authentic because the time we spend together is minuscule due to our
different lives and commitments. Family, friends and community have always
been my source of strength and continue to inspire me to want live a long life.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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