Liberating Inner Peace


Dear Friends,

I begin to compose my message this morning while gazing at the hazy
horizon. In the distance I can see the plume from the Turrialba volcano; the
thin column of ash and gas reaches us regularly these days, keeping us
busy dusting more often than usual. I am equally aware of the urgent, happy
song of the swallows as they greet another day. My energy is boosted by these
tiny birds and I remember to breathe deeply and move my body gently as I
start the day in loving appreciation of all that is around me.

The last few days have found us very actively entertaining visitors. I have
had the opportunity to be a tourist in my own neighborhood because being
an informal guide forces me to see things with a more discerning eye.
Setting aside a bit of time to visit a nearby beach or volcano (which we did)
affords me the opportunity to see for myself where we, as a nation, are
succeeding or failing to capitalize on the bounty Nature has given us.

We have an amazing “product” and we still hold an edge over our Central
American competition. Costa Rica, however, is an expensive destination and
if we want to continue to attract travelers who want to maximize their money
we need to do more to improve the quality of services we offer. I am often
surprised by the non-smiles of meeters and greeters at places like the Poas
Volcano because they are the face of their employers. A smile costs nothing
and takes just a moment; it goes a long way to make people feel welcome.

I am very happy with my life right now, I have lots of reasons to smile and
feel good. Each passing day brings me closer to happily-anticipated life
events which find me devoting more of my hours to quiet contemplation. I
try to optimize my time by prioritizing the really important things in my life.
Although it was a bit surprising at first, I have become used to the fact that
nothing will fall apart if I don’t micromanage it. Things will be done differently
from the way I would do them, but things will be done and that is the important
thing! It is liberating to come to this place in life and feel such inner peace.

Have an awesome day and a terrific week, Marietta

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