Open Town Hall Meetings!

Photo on 4-15-16 at 2.51 PM #2

Dear Friends,

My view today is of the low gray clouds hovering over the newly-
greening central valley. Beautiful but different, as it is 365 days a
year here in Atenas! I breathe deeply as I stretch and think about the
day filled with opportunity that unfolds before me. I urge you to get
out early and move in loving awareness and gratitude for everything
and everyone in your life right now.

I enjoy walking, I always have, especially if I have on proper shoes, wear
comfortable clothing and make the time to really take in my surroundings.
Living in lovely Atenas, however, presents many challenges to walking. I find
myself mostly relying on my car in order to get around which limits how
many of my neighbors I can catch up with and makes it impossible to detect
the fragrance from the beautiful flower gardens I drive by.

During a short walk yesterday, I became aware of repaired sidewalks and
ramps that are making it easier for inhabitants to get around on foot. I also
noticed the playground in the park and the amount of children and families
enjoying it. New businesses (or maybe not new, but new to me!) are moving
into the “town square” and older locations are being renovated and bringing
revitalizing energy to our town.

An acquaintance of mine recently remarked (without any embarrassment) that
she tried never to criticize elected officials because she did nothing to help in her
own neighborhood or for the country. While I admit that I do less these days (for
the community) than I used to because life has taken me on a different path, it is
my personal belief that citizens and elected officials need to solve issues together.

I was happy to learn that all town hall meetings (an outlet for concerned citizens
to talk with elected officials about issues) in Atenas are now (really) open to the
public. The benefits of these open town hall meetings are many and far reaching
and hopefully we will make the most of them by attending if we can where we live.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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