An unexpected positive bonus!

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Dear Friends,

In the last 48 hours, our murraya paniculata (orange jasmine) bushes have
been in full bloom filling the air with their lightly sweet scent and attracting
hordes of butterflies and bees. The flowers will be gone in just a couple of
days but right now we are enjoying one of the seasonal delights of living here.
Get out early today and appreciate the captivating charms awaiting you where
you live. Stretch and move your body in loving appreciation for your life and
all it holds.


We took our daughter to the airport yesterday morning for her trip back to New
York. She was here for a few weeks reconnecting with family, friends and, of
course, spending some time at the beach, one of her favorite things to do. Our
public farewells are brief because saying good-bye to my young adult capable
offspring is tinged with the kind of nostalgia that brings tears to my eyes. I try
to smile and be grateful for new memories made so we can get on with our day,
knowing that we will meet again in just a few weeks.

I had to go into one of the local banks last week to open an account to fulfill a
requirement as treasurer (pro-bono) of the Atenas Senior Home. I seldom do
in-person transactions these days since online and mobile banking have redefined
the way I handle my finances. It was an interesting few hours (yes, hours!) which
provided an opportunity to observe what a typical day in our town is for the many
residents who have spent their entire lives here. For them, a visit to the bank is
also a chance to greet friends and acquaintances and exchange good-natured banter.

When I first arrived at the bank, I was in a hurry to conclude my business so that I
could move on to the next pressing item on my day’s agenda. I soon realized I would
not be finished quickly and I was glad that I had a book (kindle!) with me to pass the
time. My reading was interrupted several times by acquaintances who spotted me and
came over to say hello, proof of how long I have lived here myself! It was eventually
my turn at the customer service desk. I filled out forms, provided documentation and
answered many routine questions (What is your profession?) that have now become
thought provoking for me. I have been very reflective this week, an unexpected bonus.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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