An impressive and colorful journey

Mari headshot

Dear Friends,

It is my hope that we are all awakening to a beautiful, sunny
day of rest, relaxation, movement and gratitude for all that
surrounds us.  Let nothing upset us today and let us begin the
week with positive anticipation and confidence.

It is just after 8 a.m. I am aware of the birds singing outside; of
one our pets resting at my feet (her favorite place when I am
writing) and of the soft sounds of conversation in the general
area of where I find myself. Absent, thankfully, are the harsh
sounds of lawn mowers and the loud barks of dogs protecting
their property or announcing sightseers. It is a good morning!

This past week has been very short. We are happily entertaining
visitors and engaging in activities that remind me of how much I
love showing off our country and county to people who are new to
it. Seeing the landscape from another person’s perspective is a very
good way for me to focus on of the many reasons I am happy to have
returned to my roots.

Our drive to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens offered a splendid display
of the cloud and rain forests’ co-existence just an hour away from
home. I love knowing that I can enjoy this scenery anytime I plan
ahead and make the effort to get out early to do so. I was particularly
grateful to be a passenger since I could experience the lushness of the
flowers and the colorful birds without worrying about driving and
having to keep my eyes on the road!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific, positive week, Marietta
pictures from my own library