Be a blessing

Dear Friends,

I hope the sun is shining wherever you find yourself and that
you take my weekly advice to get out there and move around
with gratitude that you are able to do so.

Every Sunday I spend two to three hours preparing my message,
pondering over the week, translating, etc. But today, I can’t
because I will soon leave for San Jose to attend the wake and
funeral of my Aunt Elsa. Although her transition was expected,
it is still a sad day of closure for me and our family.

So today, I will suggest that you hold your loved ones close, that
you let them know you care for them with words, since what is
in our hearts and minds is not visible to those we care for.
Be a blessing when you can and bring love and compassion to
those who have no one to do it for them. You will never regret it.

Have a great day, see you next week, Marietta

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