Dear Friends,

This day greets me with a brightness that adds joy to my daily
ritual of being thankful for all my blessings. I feel fortunate to
be alive, to be able to move my body in gentle harmony with all
that surrounds me. My heart expands with energy and I intend to
live another day with purpose and serenity. Get out early to make
the most of your blessings too.

On Wednesday July 13th one of our dogs was the victim of a hit
and run on our unpaved country road. Our small community is
made up of families that include the elderly, many children and
household pets. We have requested that all our neighbors, workers
and visitors slow down for safety; a request that is not unreasonable
but largely disregarded by many, as is the case repeatedly of the person
who hit our10 year old dog, Canela, and left her lying in the street to
her fate.

Just minutes after I arrived home from my weekly visit to my parents
in San José, I received a call that Canela had been hit. We tried to move
Canela but her injuries and pain were too severe and we were forced to
leave her where she was with a neighbor while we went in person to
Dr. Solano’s office. Dr. Solano was attending another emergency so
two of his assistants accompanied us to deal with the situation and bring
her to the clinic. I cannot say enough about Dr. Solano’s and his team’s
competence or about the level of compassion they possess. This has
been the silver lining in this rather large, gray cloud at someone else’s
total lack of compassion towards a helpless animal, victim of his

Canela has a long way to go before she recovers; she will probably not
walk normally again, her spleen has been removed and she has
fractures in her hip and one leg. At her advanced age, surgery is not
recommended. We are doing our best to keep her comfortable and as
active as we can. It is easy for me to become angry and agitated
whenever I see the driver still speed by, unaware and uncaring of
Canela’s condition. I try to instead remind myself that people who
show the least compassion are often those who need it most.

Have a great day and a terrific week, Marietta


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