A time of changes!

Photo on 2-14-16 at 7.45 AM




Dear Friends,

The morning is crisp and it’s early enough that the only sounds in the
air are the sweet melodies emanating from the swallows as they carry
out their acrobatic flight on our back terrace. I am grateful for the
opportunity to join them in stretching my body gently as I mentally
prepare for the day ahead. Get out early today before the rains come,
then settle in with a good book and spend a nice afternoon.

We are no longer in the transitional time between our dry and green
seasons. We are now experiencing the lush, verdant and colorful land-
scapes that make me wish I could paint. The visible volcanos in the
background provide a mesmerizing treat for my eyes that surprise me
every time I look up from whatever activity holds my attention inside.
I am amazed at how quickly Nature provides this metamorphosis of
vegetation that attracts a variety of birds and butterflies to delight us.

Tomorrow begins a new day and a new month. August has traditionally
been a month of flux in our home because our children’s school year
has always begun in August. This year is a little different because our
youngest child is not only turning 21 in a few days, she is also starting
her senior year in college. It is not easy to express all the emotions I
feel at this point which include delight and nostalgia! I can imagine
what our daughter is feeling at this significant time in her life and I am
happy that I will be seeing her in New York soon.

The week has flown by. We have been working with Canela (thank
you so much for your emails of encouragement!) and she is slowly
healing and gaining the confidence necessary to walk independently.
Dr. Solano and his team are marvelous examples of competence and
humanity; people who are physically and mentally present every day
to guide us pet owners when we face unexpected difficult challenges.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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