A multitude of Blessings!

Photo on 9-1-15 at 1.56 PM
Dear Friends,

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in my neighborhood. In the distance,
I can distinguish the song of several species of birds (parrots,
oropendolas, flycatchers) and know myself to be blessed by
being able to reside among these amazing gifts of Nature. Get
out early today so you too can absorb the sounds and sights all
around you. Don’t let the day or the rest of August get away
from you!

Whenever I am preparing to travel, as I am now, I am more
aware of the simple things in my life that I am often too busy to
notice: a colorful butterfly drying its wings for the first time on
our terrace, the way the lawn looks right after it has been perfectly
manicured and the trees have been cleared of dead branches and
leaves, the fruit hanging from the trees on our property, ready for
harvest, etc.

Yesterday, inspired by the beautiful condition of our lawn (thanks
to our gardener) I looked around at my modest collection of African
Violets that are currently in bloom to give them some proper care.
I can remember years ago when I had an unrealistic view of my
“spare time” and tried to keep too large a collection of these
addictive beauties. I now realize that in my case, less is better
as I can actually enjoy their flowering and keep up with their

In Queens, New York, I keep a silk African Violet that greets me
when I arrive. I know it’s artificial but it is maintenance free
and a nice welcome that reminds me I have real ones to greet me
when I return to Atenas. In New York, I also have a chance to
think about why I find our small town so special: the people,
the incredible views and the colorful small structures that
contrast with the modern high-risers of New York (that also
have their own kind of beauty). I am eager to see our
children, and am ever thankful that I have frequent
possibilities to travel back and forth. It is no small thing.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, a special greeting to all
who celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow!


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