Back to School!

Photo on 5-30-15 at 10.02 AM #2
Dear Friends,

It’s raining here in Queens, New York and the hot and humid August
weather is showing its familiar face. From my window, I can see a
morning warbler making its way around the cement yard looking for
a watering hole. Although it is not the most inviting weather for me,
I will soon get out and gratefully breathe, move and look for inspiration
in my surroundings.

The past few days are a bit of a blur. I arrived in New York mid-week
and have been busy with the activities that normally engage me when I
am here. The daily grind of the city is tempered in the summer by the
amazing plethora of events and festivals that take place here each week
and for which thousands of people turn out. It is a writer’s bounty, every
block offering many opportunities to begin drafting an essay. I savor
each moment and try to capture as many as possible with my cameras.

Many students (including our daughter) will begin their new semester
tomorrow. We went shopping on Friday for those last essential items.
I reminisced about the back-to-school outings of their childhood when
my husband would descend upon his favorite stationery store to stock
up on all the new writing instruments of the season that would add an
element of fun to school. When I saw our daughter choose whimsical
supplies, I was happy that she inherited his enthusiasm in this area not
my more stodgy and practical attitude which could use an upgrade!

Today will be a day of rest and relaxation for the two of us. We will
spend it together and plan how to make the most of the time that I will
be here. It is a challenge because we each have responsibilities that
must be met and the days go quickly. I am more thankful each day
to be living in the age of modern technology that allows us to check
in often. Our children have grown up in the blink of an eye, every day
I am able to be with them is a gift which I do not take for granted.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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