The importance of civic pride

Photo on 1-19-16 at 11.21 AM #3
Dear Friends,

I am waking up to a beautiful day here in Queens. The typical August
weather (hot, humid, cloudy) does not lessen my enthusiasm for what it
is to be here during the last days of summer. The neighborhood is quiet
during the week, free of school buses and the sometimes intolerable level
of noise from the antics of young students! Get out early today and watch
for the hidden gems waiting to be discovered in your neighborhood!

On a typical Sunday I begin my day leisurely and bring to mind noteworthy
experiences of the previous week that I can share with you. This habit is
valuable because it encourages me to pay attention to the way I live my days.
Family, friends, community and a strong sense of belonging continue to be
essential for the way I define what it is to live a good life. I feel blessed that
I have strong bonds here and in Costa Rica.

Our Queens neighborhood is changing and improving constantly. The streets
were paved last week and although it caused minor inconveniences for people
who own cars and have no garages, I know they are grateful for the once-
again smooth pavement and pothole-free streets. The work began and ended
in an orderly fashion and its completion reminded me of the importance of
civic pride in a small community as this. Everyone complied with the “No
Parking” notices that were posted days in advance so there were no delays.

I plan to be spending my day enjoying the wonderful gift of the present. While
I will look at my agenda to make sure I have allotted enough time to the vital
elements concerning this trip, I have no other plans for today except to be with
our daughter who continues to surprise and delight me with her maturity and
unique perspective. It is wonderful to be able to share these moments.

Have a terrific day and a wonderful week, Marietta

P.S. If you live in Atenas, don’t pass up the last day of the Art Exhibit at
Colinas del Sol Hotel in Calle Boqueron, today from 2 to 5 p.m.

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