Positive Interactions

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Dear Friends,

The morning here in Queens is crisp and cloudy. Post-tropical cyclone,
Hermine has managed to interrupt the Labor Day weekend and although
no longer considered as dangerous as it was just a couple of days ago,
people here are cautious and have cancelled many of their plans. I will
stay close to home but still venture out to do some errands and enjoy
Nature in my neighborhood. Wherever you are, I hope you take a few
minutes to relax and breathe in the goodness in the air.

I spent all morning at a beauty salon in Brooklyn on Thursday. I am
very particular about my hair (thick, curly, color treated, etc.) and my
last visit to my regular stylist in Atenas left me extremely dissatisfied
with the results. I was fortunate to obtain an appointment during this
trip and grateful that my son was available and willing to drive me there.
As I sat in the stylist’s chair, I was impressed with how closely my hair
was analyzed and my questions were considered and answered.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to observe people as they
go about their daily routines. At the laundromat, I will listen as the
attendant answers a client’s questions, receives the laundry, helps a
new customer (like me) navigate the system, etc. I silently wonder
about the back story that led a person to a job that connected their life
to mine, even for just a few minutes. I try to make the most of these
moments so that our interaction is a positive experience for us both.

On Thursday, after the long session at the hairdresser, I was to meet
some friends in Long Island. My son dropped me off at the train station
where I was expecting to purchase my ticket from an agent. Instead I
was startled to find that machines have replaced the agent and I was not
acquainted with the system. I reluctantly interrupted a young woman
who was simultaneously on the phone while purchasing her ticket. She
expertly took my money, purchased my ticket and smiled at me sweetly
without missing a single beat of her conversation! I was amazed and
grateful for this short and positive interaction with a stranger who made
my day even better. I hope to do that for someone else in the future too.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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