A Fortuitous “Call”

Photo on 9-12-15 at 10.36 AM #2
Dear Friends,

Another beautiful Sunday morning greets me and I hope the same
is true for you wherever it finds you. Get out early today to move
and enjoy the many gifts that Nature brings you. Breathe deeply in
pure appreciation for all that is in your life today, even the challenges
that confront you can be opportunities for spiritual growth.

As I began writing this morning I heard the loud squawks of a bird
communicating in the distance. Curious to see if I could pinpoint its
location to identify the species, I made my way onto the terrace with
binoculars in hand and in the company of my husband. After spotting
the bird perched on a tall, slender, naked tree trunk, we zoomed in as
much as possible but neither one of us could readily identify it. While
we were searching for it in our Bird Guide, it quieted and flew away.

I was hopeful of seeing it again so I returned to my spot on the terrace
but it was nowhere in sight. Instead my eyes gazed upon the spectacular
view of the landscape and I became totally engrossed with the beauty
that surrounds us and which, frankly, I take for granted almost every day.
I decided that the visitor’s squawking on this blissful morning was a way
to remind me of just how blessed I am and I silently thanked him/her.


Last Sunday’s MTB (Mountain Bike Event) at the Hogar de Ancianos
brought over 900 cyclists from all over the country to our small town.
94-year old Walter Gonzalez Alfaro (to whom the event was dedicated)
was in attendance with his family and he was overwhelmed by the out-
pouring of affection he received. He shared that he had been a lifelong
cyclist who would still be riding if his family didn’t object! I was happy
to be there because I was able to see many time-chiseled faces sparkle
with the enduring enthusiasm of a life still being well-spent.

May we all have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

Make yourself at home.

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