Celebrating Coffee and Senior Citizens!

Photo on 4-6-16 at 9.54 AMDear Friends,

After a good night’s sleep, it was a joy to wake up this morning to
the golden light shining through the window and the aroma of coffee
(from Atenas, of course!!) being brewed in the kitchen. As I absorbed
all the sensations around me, I was once again grateful for the ability
to stretch my body and to bless every single person and thing in my
life today. Get out early before the day gets away from you, you might
find delightful surprises awaiting you!

Yesterday, October 1st, was International Coffee Day! A few days ago,
my husband mentioned an article he read about the devastating impact
climate change is having on coffee production world-wide (Fairtrade
New Zealand). This fun holiday (celebrated previously on different dates
in different countries) helps raise awareness about sustainable coffee
cultivation and fair trade practices within the coffee industry.


I am amazed that more than 125 million people in the world make their
living from coffee farming, many thousands in Costa Rica. Although
Costa Rica’s market share is tiny, I was happy to read that more than 50%
of our sales go to the Fair Trade market (http://www.globalexchange.org/
fairtrade/coffee/cooperatives#4). A recent visit to my small coffee “farm”
(in horrible shape!) was a strong reminder that farming is very hard work
which requires constant tending. I silently thank the devoted folk (many
of them Senior Citizens) who make it possible for me to enjoy my coffee
every day.

Yesterday was also International Day of the Older Person. This year’s
theme (“Taking a Stand Against Ageism”) aims to draw attention to and
challenge negative misconceptions about older persons and ageing. Many
activities are planned worldwide during the entire month of October to
celebrate this growing population, their families and caregivers. It is a
good time to establish or continue a habit of including older persons in
your social circles. Both your lives will be enriched by the experience.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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