Welcoming a miracle and a mystery!

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Dear Friends,

Greetings on another day with an opportunity for fun and movement!
I look at the horizon and feel blessed, like I do each morning, to be
living and breathing the fresh morning air. Get out early today so you
can beat the rains and spend the rest of the day safely indoors. I plan
to spend it quietly at home, reviewing the work for the coming week.

The last week in Costa Rica and Atenas have been filled with grief and
trauma. Monday’s bus tragedy in Cinchona (near the La Paz Waterfalls)
left many families mourning the loss of loved ones. Survivors of this
horrible accident recounted that the bus driver informed them of some
mechanical issues and asked them to brace for impact and to pray. 12 of
the 31 passengers perished, including the bus driver. Our country has
been in mourning for three days.

Much closer to home, two youngsters from Atenas drowned while
spending time in the Mines of Desmonte after riding their bikes there.
Their funerals were yesterday and as many as 3,000 people filled the
church and cemetery to say goodbye to the boys and comfort their
families who must now move on despite such overwhelming losses.
My heart is heavy and I try to keep in mind that roses have thorns
and that life is a mystery to be lived, bad days and good ones.
And talking about life and mystery: my guitar teacher and his wife
welcomed a baby girl yesterday! There is nothing more rewarding than
the joy and optimism I experience when someone close to me has a
baby. It is a humbling and amazing experience all at once; a moment
that marks not only the birth of the child but the emergence of a mother
and a father whose lives are changed forever. I am looking forward to
meeting this new baby who is a welcome miracle and mystery.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe, Marietta

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