An unexpected prize!

Dana and me at Front Gallery TriBeCaDear Friends,

Another renewal Sunday is upon us. I am greeted by a beautiful,
sunny morning enhanced by the presence of one of our sons whose
short trip home is ending in just a few days. As I watch my husband
pour my son some coffee, I am instantly transported back to the
Sunday mornings of our children’s early years which were filled
with activities and movement. I urge us all to get out there and live
a good day filled with relaxation and joy.

62 days separate us from 2017! I find myself taking stock of the goals I
set at the beginning of the year and comparing them with my actual
progress. As always, I am amazed that we so quickly got to this point
in a year that feels as if it has just begun. I am relieved that my more
or less realistic plans (decluttering, stepping down from councils, etc.)
for 2016 have been accomplished to a large degree. I still have two
full months to master the F chord on my guitar and I am planning to
do so with scheduled, daily practice.

One day last week, we drove to the Poás Volcano and afterwards made
our way to Poasito, an area devoted to agriculture and tourism. We saw
large strawberry and fern fields and stopped at one of the Fresas del
Volcán locations ( which
was as exciting a stop as the volcano. After we made and paid for our
selections, I impulsively complimented the staff on their wonderful
products and excellent customer service and received a glass full of
chocolate covered strawberries for my unplanned gesture! It was the
highlight of an already wonderful outing for us all.


All of you know that my goal in writing and sending these weekly
messages is to remind us to be active participants in our lives. I love
hearing your stories and I want to thank you once again for allowing me
to be a participant in your lives. I am glad we have this wonderful way
to be a community in today’s ever-evolving technological world. It feels
just as cozy as the rural lifestyle that is my every day reality.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta
Foto of Strawberries from Fresas del Volcan Facebook page

P.S. If you would like to see what my Film Major daughter and I are up to, watch us here:

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