Impressions of Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Photo on 9-12-15 at 10.36 AM #2

Dear Friends,

It’s a beautiful clear morning for me today and I hope the same is true
for you wherever you wake up. Get out early and stretch your body,
enjoying the sunlight and the chance to greet another day. Do it now
before the day gets away from you and then you can relax in the after-
noon with friends and family or bask in your own company!

My husband and I (and about 200 other people) attended the wedding
of a lovely couple yesterday. The ceremony took place in the Catholic
Church of Santa Ana, the construction of which began (1870) before
Santa Ana was founded in 1907. The boulder-like stone walls were
impressive and I found myself imagining what it must have been like
to build such a structure. I was glad we arrived early so I could take
in all of the church’s remarkable features.


I have always been aware that Santa Ana is one of those counties that
offers a glimpse to authentic Costa Rican culture and cuisine. There is
a weekly farmers market, shops where you can find ceramics and
wood carvings, the yearly onion festival which features many varieties
and traditional recipes that make use of them, and of course the annual
Baroque festival that is held (for two weeks) in various churches of the
county, all well-attended and free of charge.

While much of Santa Ana is being developed, it is nice that the central
district still retains its local flavor and that the long-time residents are
proud and interested in preserving it. It was great to drive through the
local streets after the ceremony. The ride to the reception on Local
Route 147, in contrast, evidenced luxury condominiums, shopping
centers and a taste of the daily congestion in Lindora’s commercial
sector even though it was a Saturday.

It was wonderful to finally arrive at the reception venue and find our-
selves surrounded by the green hills I take for granted because I live
in Atenas! The celebration for the happy couple was unforgettable and
I know all in attendance wish them many, many years of happiness.

May you all have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Picture of Santa Ana church from
Take a look around.

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