Being around enthusiasm and optimism

Photo on 4-6-16 at 9.54 AM

Dear Friends,

My day began magnificently as they (thankfully) do most mornings here
in Atenas. I hope the same is true for all of you wherever the day greets
you. Meteorologist Gabriela Chinchilla reports that the low pressure
system affecting the Caribbean area of Costa Rica maintains its intensity
in that area but might also cause intermittent rainfall and winds in the
Central Valley. Get out early before the day gets away from you.

Before I actually began my writing this morning, I glanced at the very
cluttered surface on which I was about to place my laptop. My eyes
beheld the haphazard array of items that have gravitated there during
the last few days; the odds and ends that have no relation to each other.
I’ve often heard (or said!) that messiness can encourage creativity but
I actually felt physically limited by the mess and spent 20 minutes
putting things back in their proper place. I feel much better now but I
know that keeping order to a maximum is a challenge I will face often!

This has been a busy weekend in Atenas with activities fabulously
organized and well attended by locals and expats from different walks
of life. I have enjoyed chatting with people I haven’t seen in a long time.
I have been touched by the generous compliments received from people
who have taken time to learn about our daughter’s senior thesis project
(a film) which will bring her and a small crew to Costa Rica in January.

I am excited to welcome these young people because their boundless
energy and optimism is contagious. When I am around this kind of
enthusiasm, I find that my “half-full” glass gets replenished quickly
and I can connect with my own inner resources for ways in which to
continue the work I feel I still need to do in my lifetime. It is very
rewarding to associate with people who feel connected to their lives
and are willing to get out of their comfort zones to fulfill their dreams.

Have a terrific day, a great week and a blessed Thanksgiving, Marietta
Like a boss.

2 thoughts on “Being around enthusiasm and optimism

  1. Well said, Marietta, as always. I’m visiting Lynn in Ohio for her birthday. We met in Roca Verde when she and her hubby Lucas, were on assignment for Abbott Labs. We were speaking about this very subject this morning! We both have friends who are young and enthusiastic.and their contagious energy keeps us going!

  2. Hi Carole, I did see your post and the picture of you two youngsters
    in your matching tops! Sounds like enormous fun and though I never
    met Lynn, I have heard about her spirit! Enjoy your time together.

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